Walk the Dog 8 Poses for Genesis 8


It’s a lovely day. Time to take the dog out for a walk. With these 6 vignette poses for Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male, and the Daz Dog 8 models, you can recreate your favorite memories of long gone furry friend, or let your characters take a moment away from fighting crime to enjoy a bit of communing with nature.

Included are 3 two-person vignettes (1 human and 1 dog); 2 three-person vignettes (2 humans and 1 dog, and 1 human and 2 dogs); and 1 four-person vignette (2 humans and 2 dogs) for a total of 16 poses altogether.

The Daz Dog 8 poses are hierarchical pose presets designed to work with the Collar and Leashes for Daz Dog 8. Make sure that the collar and leash are applied to the Daz Dog 8 before applying the Daz Dog 8 poses. Also, the dog poses included are specifically designed for the Base shape only. To use any of the other Breed morphs available for the Daz Dog 8, you will need to do either minor or major adjustments to the pose, depending on the breed you select.

In addition to the poses, you will find included FeralFey’s Vignette Handle which will ease your use of any vignette pose set. Simply load the FeralFey Vignette Handle into your scene, parent your models to be moved to the Handle, (poses may be applied to the figures either before or after parenting to the handle – it doesn’t matter!) and then move the Handle to where ever you want your action to appear in your scene!

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