Tyrannosaurus Rex – Tyrant-Lizard King


Tyrannosaurus Rex includes 10 poses, is fully rigged and ready to go (as language and poseable eyes closed), and is very detailed. The model was designed to be very realistic, as the latest science to reflect Tyrannosaurus. The Tyrant Lizard King comes with three hardware variants.

Get to know the dinosaur:

Tyrannosaurus Rex (“Tyrant Lizard King”) lived during the late Cretaceous Period (68-66 MYA) in Laramidia (western United States). Tyrannosaurus had the most powerful bite of any land animal in recorded history and could possibly bite off 500 lbs of meat at a time. The olny thing big enough to hunt a Rex was another Rex. T. Rex was a big game hunter and probably fed mostly on Edmontosaurus and Triceratops. Fossils have proved the king hunted both animals and is even known for decapitating a Triceratops.

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