The Ultimate Guide to Creating Complex Outfits Bundle


Creating complex outfits in Daz Studio requires extra levels of knowledge and experience. It isn’t easy to find a “How to” guide on creating good quality long dresses, full length skirts, long sleeved or multi-layered outfits.

This five part tutorial series creates these types of outfits in detail. It shows you in step by step fashion. In addition there’s tuition on creating matching jewellery to boot!

Special Edition: now included closed captioning/subtitles for all of the tutorials in this bundle!

All five parts are available in this bundle with over 10 hours of tutorials.

Applications used in tutorials: Daz Studio Pro, UV Mapper Pro, UV Mapper Layout, Hexagon, ZBrush, Photoshop.

Session 1: “Make your Dream Outfit Come True” (modeling)
Session 2: “Tame the Beast – Groundwork for Texturing” (UV Mapping)
Session 3: “From Solid to Articulated” : (Rigging)
Session 4: “How to add Quirks and Moves” (Weight maps, FBMs, JCMs)
Session 5: “Adding that Splash of Colour” (Texturing)

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