Skin Shader for Blender-Cycles/EEVEE


With the incorporation of the “Principled BSDF” and the implementation of the SSS Random Walk, we can get really good results out of the box. The negative side is that we dont have too much control.

This is when this shader comes usefull. What about if we want to have a variety of skin tones in different zones, for example we want a blueish skin tone in the cheeks, a more redish tone for the nose and ears, and a more neutral tone for the rest of the face. With this skin shader you can have better control over the tones and look of your characters skin.


Skin shader for EEVEE (Simple version).
Skin shader for Cycles (Advanced version).
PBR Ready (Get same results under different light scenarios).
Customizable colors for different skin areas.
Have different SSS radius scale for different areas from the model.
Get a colorful representation on how the scattering is working on different areas.
PDF User Guide. (Step by Step guide and a section of tips to get more realistic skin).
You will also get any future update.
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Author: Jeni

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