Sharks by AM: Great White


Meet the Great White shark, the ocean’s most feared predator, finely reproduced with detailed geometry, high-resolution textures and a full set of morphs and poses.

The texture set includes heavily scarred skin patterns, that really add to the overall realism of this creature. The morph collection allows to change several key aspects of the body, like the dorsal fin shape and size, make the teeth asymmetric, even hide some teeth, remove claspers, open/close gills to simulate shark respiration cycle and lot more.

As a huge plus, a seal carcass, 3 bubble particles props, a huge, detailed water splash and an awesome underwater CG HDRI based scene are provided to give the shark the habitat it deserves!

The bubble props and water splash can be easily combined to form more complex shapes and as such can be useful in several projects!

Optimized for Iray.

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Author: Jeni

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