Rip and Tear Pack for Tyrannosaurus Rex 2


The Rip & Tear Pack brings the ferocity out of the Tyrannosaurus Rex 2 model by adding wounds, scars, and an Alpha Rex variant.

The Alpha Rex reigns king among the tyrants and brings back the classic look of the T. rex. The Alpha is increased in size and features scales, spikes, scars, and gnarly looking jaws that will tear apart any dinosaur in its path. Custom fitted saliva is also included.

Then there is the Veteran who has survived many T. rex fights in his lifetime. The Veteran has many scars including a bitten off tail and arm, a torn eye, jagged broken teeth, and an aged feather look. Custom fitted arm feathers are included for the deformed arm.

Next up is a morph and material for a heavily wounded male Rex that adds deep cuts and wounds along with a mutilated arm.

Last but not least is a second wounded material preset for the standard male Rex that also adds a lesser wounded version.

Both Iray and 3Delight Material Presets included!

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Author: Jeni

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