Precious Clydesdale


Design your own cute and cuddly toon creature!

Mix and Match! Use pieces from each new creature to create more exotic monsters and fantasy pets.

Precious comes with a massive amounts of morphs, rigged facial features and a complete set of expressions, giving this little darling a personality all its own. Design your own game creature or anime animal today!

This installment is the powerful and masculine Clydesdale horse (known to many as ‘Clyde’). Powerfully built with thick feathers around large feet, broad head and shoulders, with his shaggy mane and tail, he offers his own dependable and rugged personality. The pieces included can also be used without the Clydesdale morph to get a more feminine and playful little pony.

A new addition to this product is a simplified version of the ‘Build Your Own Texture’ as the default textures for the pack. This gives you complete control over the colors of the texture… so one texture can be re-mixed to give you a horse of any color you choose using Lady Littlefox’s own tools to do it!

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Author: Jeni

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