Mountain Village Environment

a series of pictures showing a village in the mountains.


Mountain Village Environment consists of 2×2 km environments including photoscanned hq nature elements and optimised Village House building items. You can create your own village settlements with ready-to-use building prefabs inside the first demo map of the pack which includes Mountain Environment or you can use the second demo map which already has village settlements. All the buildings in the pack are fully enterable. Package uses the Unreal Engine’s Procedural features making easier for users to generate their own environment.


2×2 km Landscape
3 Village Settlements ready for usage
2 Different Maps with and without village settlements
Photoscanned Nature Elements
Landscape Grass Type for the plants
Procedural Foliage Systems for the trees, rocks and bushes
Landscape Slope Materials and Normal Blend
Volumetric Particle Effects
LightFunction Material for the cloud effect
6 BP Houses with Interiors
6 Tileable Textures for easy customization (walls, floors, roofs etc.)
Only 2 Trim Sheets for all Building Parts
Supported Engine Versions: 4.23 – 4.27

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