Modular Prison Interior


Modular modern prison interior with customizable pbr materials and decorative elements. Modules can be used to create prison cells, detention control rooms, food courts, and bathrooms.

Details includes alarms, armored phones, beds, bunk beds (with mattress, blanket, and pillow), books, magazines, cabinets, chairs, clocks, columns, 3 types of wall pieces, stairs, computers (screen, mouse, keyboard), different kinds of trays and cookwares, tray carts, tables and desks, detention control switches, exit signs and lamps, food counters, loudspeakers, phones, boards, railings, shelves, security cameras, showers, modular ventilation, and 2 types of decals (water puddle and tally marks on walls).

Supported Engine Versions: 4.21 – 4.27

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