LoREZ Crow


Now it’s possible to fill your scenes with lots of menacing crows, rooks and ravens with this low resolution figure. Coming in at only 1929 polygons and with a texture of 1024px this fully rigged figure is very easy on computer resources and will make a perfect addition to any background. The base Crow figure comes with two morphs for Rook and Raven, there are plenty of other morph and control options to move or change the appearance of the wings and tail.

Also included are twenty one pre-posed props, that’s seven each for the Crow, Rook and Raven. These can been parented to an included Null Figure, so you can move your flock into any position quickly and easily. To get you started there are three flock figures already to go, and by adding the jointed Crow to these you can give your flock more variations.

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Author: Jeni

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