Keep It Ghoul G8M


This is an Ultra Quality Character for the Genesis 8 Male base. The Genesis 8 Starter Essentials are sufficient. You don’t need any additional morphs for this character, since the morph was entirely hand sculpted and is enhanced by Displacement maps (with On/Off options).

What’s included:

Character Morph
30 Ultra Quality Textures ranging from 2k to 4k in resolution, including TIFF images for Normal and Displacement maps for high detail.
The Material options (IRAY ONLY):

1 Base Skin
1 Base Skin Nuclear
1 Base Skin Fleshy
1 Base Skin Dark Rotten
4 Eye Colors
3 Sclera Colors
2 Milky Eyes options
1 Eye Reset Material
1 Mouth regular option
1 Mouth rotten option
1 Displacement ON option
1 Displacement Face ONLY option
1 Displacement OFF option
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Author: Jeni

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