HiveWire Mule Deer Buck


The Mule Deer Buck is optimized for use in DAZ Studio 4.10 and Poser 11. Poser 10/Poser Pro 2014 compatibility is provided via additional INJ and REM files for bone orientation.

The Mule Deer Buck comes with a beautiful set of materials including bodies with and without snow, with presets for Iray & 3Delight for DAZ Studio, and for Superfly (requires Poser 11+) and Firefly for Poser.

Included in the product are a Mule Deer Buck Morph, Poser 10/Pro 2014 bone orientation options, both 2 point and 5 Point Antlers (with morphs and materials for both plain and velvet options), Mule Deer Foot Claws, and Mule Deer Tail.

Additionally, there are load-alls for both Poser and DAZ Studio which load the Horse, 5 Point Antlers, Mule Deer Dew Claws, and Mule Deer Tail, with the Mule Deer Buck morph and textures applied for all figures and props.

Required Products: HiveWire Horse

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