Gladeling Female for G8F


Roaming the feilds, forests and glades of your fantasy realms, comes the “Gladelings”, a new “Universal Creature Add On” from Sixus1.

A “Universal Creature Add On” is a new kind of kit that adds creature elements to your Genesis figures that would be difficult or impossible with morphs alone, bringing whole new meshes that blend over ANY existing Genesis characters, use all of thier morphs, expressions and skins under the creature elements!

Kit Includes:

*Gladeling Female Head add on, which replaces the Genesis 8 Female head, while retaining all of the expressions, and blends over most existing shapes and textures.

*Gladeling Female legs add on, which replaces the lower legs with the same funcitonality as the head!

*Hair add ons which add onto the head and legs, enhancing the look of the Gladeling!

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Author: Jeni

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