FPS Multiplayer Template 3.4 (4.26) + 4.0 (4.27) + 4.1 (5.0)

unreal v4 1 - unreal v4 1 - unreal v4 1 - unreal v4 1.


FPS Multiplayer Template is the perfect Unreal Engine project to save you months of work in your own game or to be used as a learning tool. All the functionalities that you need for a FPS or TPS multiplayer project are already built in, you only need to add your final touch.

This project features six different game modes completely ready for multiplayer as well as AI bots. It also includes animations for more than seven unique weapons rigged to Epic skeleton that you can use in both first and third person, in addition to having all the most important attributes of every Shooting Game. All of this is done entirely with Blueprints.

Versions included:

  • 3.4 for UE4.26
  • 4.0 for UE4.27
  • 4.1 for UE5.0

Supported Engine Versions: 4.21 – 4.27, 5.0

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