Equine Dreams


“Equine Dreams” is a combination of 15 carefully handcrafted, womanly artistic poses for Victoria 7 and matching poses for DAZ Horse 2, and 15 very high-res morphing Equine Dreams WonderSheetZ props, which are made mostly with wind force and/or low gravity to get a light and “foldy” look. Every Victoria7 / DAZ Horse 2 pose has it’s own designed Equine Dreams WonderSheetZ prop with three to six different drapes each, all in all 93 different drapes.

As introduced with ShinySheetZ also Equine Dreams WonderSheetZ have a front and a backside material zone that can be textured/shadered independently.

Equine Dreams WonderSheetZ come with 100 basic DAZ Studio 3Delight and 100 DAZ Studio Iray Shaders.

Required Products: DAZ Horse 2, Victoria 7

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Author: Jeni

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