Daz Dog 8 Accessories


Every dog needs eat and play to be happy, and Dog 8 Accessories brings you both food bowls, food and toys for your new dog.

Four different kinds of bowls, for both food and water, with many texture options. Two kinds of food for each bowl, both crunchy goodies and classic wet and soft dog food.

When it is time to play, there are several different toys, a soft plastic donut, a squeaky toy, two kind of bones and a candy stick, all to make your dog really happy. For fun games, this set also includes a rigged toy bunny for your dog to fetch. In mouth wearable poses and smart props are included for all toys, and for one or more different breeds for every toy, depending on toy.

The set also comes with several preset food setups with bowls and a mat to protect your expensive kitchen floor from food and water spill.

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