DA Wolf 2 Expansion Set


This is an expansion set for Alessandro Mastronardi (AM)’s Wolf 2 for Daz Studio.

This pack includes 20 new Poses for the AM Wolf 2 figure complete with built in expressions for quick set up. The poses are designed for realism and attention to real canine characteristics and details. Also included are a set of presets to optimize the Wolf 2 for Iray rendering including 5 DA glowing eye presets.


20 Poses for AM Wolf 2

2 Utility Poses to 0 expression or the expression, adjustment morphs and the figure pose.

5 DA Glowing eye Iray presets for AM Wolf 2.

2 Iray Fur surface Shaders for AM Wolf 2 for use on converted LAMH (obj) fur rendering in Iray.

2 Base Iray Material presets, 1 for the Black wolf and the other for all other lighter wolf material presets included in the original AM Wolf 2 set.

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